Sunday, November 18, 2007

Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere to be Enforced by Robots

July 27th, 2021- Tokyo- In response to the escalating border dispute, Japanese Prime Minister Shigeru Mikami orders 3500 repulsor droids to the Korean province of Takeshima as a “preventative measure.”
The Prime Minister states, “Years of playing Starcraft have resulted in a highly combative and militaristic Korean society. Honorable history has shown us that peace is always attainable, especially when maintained by the threat of robot violence. We humbly suggest that all citizens within the disputed zone simply submit to their friendly mechanical overlords.”

Hmm… well, when you say it like that, it certainly sounds reasonable!

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incubuss1 said...

Starcraft is a very mild form of stimulant for producing evil. There is a much more potent vehicle of the devil that has been brewing since 2004 called World of Warcraft. The results to poor addicts of this evil game will quickly become the scourge of the earth and will likely destroy civilization as we know it.