Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vive La Astronaute

May 19th, 2021- Baltimore- In a violent midnight coup, Astronaut Separatists seize the ruined city of Baltimore Maryland, declaring the former Capitol an independent Republic. Miscreants and undesirables of all shapes and sizes flock to the Astronaut Banner, finally finding a safe haven from the prejudices of the increasingly volatile and discriminatory U.S. Government. Body Modders, or troubled teens who have cybernetically altered their bodies with machinery, are the first to join the newly founded Federated Astronaut Republic. Following close behind them are the Reverse Vampires, Female Basketball Players and People who drive Hondas.
American President Charles Grodin states in a televised address, “This blatant treason will not stand. All Astronauts must stand down, or be prepared for military intervention.”
FAR Spokesperson Lisa Nowak addresses the growing republic from atop the shattered Capitol Building, shouting from a bullhorn, “If you want Baltimore, come and get it!”