Friday, July 20, 2007

Strange Founds Funky Fresh Fellowship

July 11th, 2016- Baltimore MD- In an unprecedented profanity laden interview, Professor Aloysius Strange announces a new business partnership with molecular biologist Andrew Nobody. Strange states:

“Together we plan to rend the very fabric of the universe, just a little at first, but then more as time goes on. Our primary order of business is to clone an army of irradiated sentient plants. Once we smoke these, our real project begins.”

Strange’s choice of partner is surprising to many in the field, due to the extensive history of Nobody’s violent and unpredictable experiments on Hollywood celebrities. As you all remember, it was Nobody who first attempted to synthesize an artificial Britney Spears for his own “personal needs”. The Nearly Spears, as the unfortunate creature became known, attacked a Star Trek convention with a rented ostrich and is currently at large.

“Hey, that wasn’t my fault, “ stated Nobody, “ she was programmed to emulate the real one.”

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