Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spice Girls Reunion Delayed Indefinitely, America Rejoices

September 10th, 2007- York PA- A Greyhound bus filled with infected Rhesus Monkeys overturns on Route 83, snarling traffic and interrupting the Spice Girls Reunion concert. The U.S. Air Force orders an immediate evacuation for York and Adams Counties.
“A single bite can cause death, paralysis, juggler’s despair or even permanent bromidrosis. This will all be over in a few days,” claims spokesman Peter Mandate. “To ensure public safety, we are relocating all civilians immediately. Why not take this time to visit sunny Florida? Though dangerously close to Cape Canaveral, at least there are less infected Rhesus Monkeys.”

Black vans arrive in shifts to assist a resistant population with their “relocation”.

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