Thursday, July 12, 2007

Murphy Eludes Local Police

March 13th, 2016- Baltimore MD- Channel 796 captures grainy videotape of Samuel Murphy at the Vagrant District. The cameraman stands behind a tree and it is raining. There is some light from a nearby streetlamp. The video is poorly lit but the audio is clear.

“What are you looking at?” Sam barks. The rain drips into his face.
“What happened to your face…?” The little boy wants to know. There is a long pause.
“I was in an accident.”
“Oh. Did it hurt?”
The rain pools on Murphy’s black eye sockets.
“Did it burn of all your skin?”
“Why are you standing in the rain?”
“It’s raining? So hard to tell….”
“Are you a man?”
He holds his hands out with a clank.
“I think so….”
The sounds of police cars blare in the distance. Sam looks up into the streetlight. For the first time we see his face is clearly metal.
“Seeya kid.” says Murphy, and then he runs into the darkness and out of the shot.

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