Friday, July 27, 2007

Honey, I Blew Up the Block

November 17th, 2017- Baltimore MD- The Strange Corporation inadvertently destroys half of downtown Baltimore during launch of “Project Wormhole”. Thousands of Marylanders are left slightly more homeless and smellier than before. Strange concedes,
“Certain miscalculations during the creation process created an unstable shift in the anti- matter. It was unfortunate, of course, but keep in mind, it was Baltimore, people…. What’s the big deal?”

Irate survivors immediately call for the arrest and castration of Professor Strange, but Strange vanishes into the Wormhole, taking his Ashlee Simpson CD collection with him. So there is some good news!
Curiously, Mayor of Baltimore Don Soltys describes the city’s mile-long smoking crater as “One hell of an improvement”.

In an unrelated incident, Astronaut Separatists seize the Capitol Building, declaring war on the human race.

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